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Beijing Hongbo Yatai Electrical Equipment Co,. Ltd was established in 2011. The company has a scale of 10,000 square meters, including one R&D center, two cooperative application centers, four representative offices and two production bases. It has complete scientific research and production, testing personnel and equipment. With a registered of 20 million yuan, it has a huge mechanical design test center and a complete independent production assembly and debugging process. Exclusive customized explosion-proof monitoring products and solutions for all types of flammable and explosive areas. In the mechanical and electrical and design aspects, we still adhere to the “innovation, professionalism, and intellectual creation” philosophy, and strive to become a leading, internationally advanced high-tech enterprise.

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Providing customers with different quality solutions to build a first-class security, defense, operation and maintenance service enterprise.

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Relying on the strong scientific research background and intellectual support of enterprises, we are in line with international standards, introducing talents and intellectual support from high-tech instruments and equipment at home and abroad.

The latest industry reports

Hongbo Yatai successfully passed the acceptance of additional production license

On the morning of March 7, 2019, the leader of industrial production safety license audit came to visit our company. During the visit, our company introduced to the leaders the current production scale and operation status of the company.

Direct attack on the scene map of Hong Bo Yatai's explosion at the 2008 Security Exhibition!

This year's Ann'an Expo opened in Beijing International Exhibition Hall on October 23 and lasted until October 26. As the exhibitor of the 2008 China International Public Safety Products Expo, Hongbo Yatai will also bring you a feast of video gluttony, an

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    9 Anqing Street, Area B, Shunyi Airport Industrial Zone, Beijing

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